Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happeeeeeeyyyyy :)

Yesterday was the height of my cooking and baking experience and I was really happy about it I can't stop grinning to my hubby when he came home last night. 

First, one of my best friends (who cooks better than me) baked a bread from scratch! And she said she was inspired by me when I started baking. She (my friend who cooks better than me, I told you right?), was inspired by me! Wow! Never had I thought I would inspire someone like her. Thanks dear. You made my day.

Knowing that my hubby will be home late, I decided to bake 3 types of cookies. One was a new recipe I wanted to try called Blueberry Thumbprint Cookies (but I used wild berries). I also baked Giant M&M Bites for my dear friend and last but not least I baked Dutch Shortcakes for my brother as a present for his birthday tomorrow and for him to munch while preparing for his final. 

On top of that, three of my friends reported that they tried the recipes I shared in this blog and they loved it. Well one of them actually innovated a new recipe based on my Chicken Masorma but it's still counted :) Me, sharing a recipe? If someone told me 5 years ago that I would one day be able to cook and bake (at least for the family) I would never believe it. 

Growing up, I detest cooking. I love to eat all kinds of food and enjoy travelling around just to feed my craving  but kitchen had never been my favourite place. I had never imagine that some day I will be able to cook, even the day-to-day dishes. We were lucky to have maid to help my mom in the kitchen when were growing up and even when we were in between maids, the most my mom would ask for my help was to clean the prawns or cook the rice. To me cooking was just not my thing. Something I am not good at so why bother spending time learning it.

After I got married, I started to learn how to cook. It started with Brahims of course and all those instant Maggi packets like black pepper and sambal tumis. Only end of last year, when my mom gave me the breadmaker, I found myself beginning to enjoy baking and cooking. I started to look for new recipes to try and some of the dishes actually turned out, not so bad. I guess it's never too late for one to learn how to cook or bake. What you need is just passion for your new hobby. Err, did I say cooking is my new hobby? :)

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madam teacher said...

I find cooking very rewarding when others enjoy the food, and inspire you to do more cooking.

Selame ni aku x confident nk buat baking ni, after I bought this frame-by-frame book for baking, aku jd gian la plak. :P