Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pre-pregnancy Supplement

As you might have noticed, I have been talking alot about pregnancy lately. Well, that's because Project Baby #2 has started! Initially, I felt maybe I should share when I am already pregnant, you know, just not to jinx it. But when I started my little research, I realized there were so many things that were new to me though I've been pregnant before. So why not share them with you, in case you don't know it already :)

In my first pregnancy, I started to take Folic Acid after I stopped the pill. I was told that mothers should take folic acid even before they are pregnant. I did not know that we should also take vitamins before we are pregnant. After consulting my aunt who is a pharmacist, she recommended Pramilet. You can read more about Pramilet here.

It's only RM19.50 at Vitacare for a bottle with 30 tablets (1 month).

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