Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pre-prenatal Checkup

I only started to read on prenatal after I was pregnant with Adam. This time around, I hope to be more prepared hence the little research I did on the size of the pelvic bone and all.

So, after much consideration and reading hundreds of reviews, last Saturday I went to see Dr Shahbahiah Mohd Zain, Obstetrician & Gynecologist at Selangor Medical Centre. Unfortunately she had to perform an emergency C-Sect and by the time I was called to her room, it was already 1.10pm. I told her a bit on my history and the reason I went to see her. She agreed that by doing an X-ray we could determine if there is any chance at all for me to have a vaginal delivery but it was too late to do that day so she asked me to come again on Monday. She was nice enough to just cancel the consultation and I did not have to pay anything. 

When I went to see her again on Monday, she told me she just called the Radiology department and was told they do not have the ruler but the radiologist will look around for any other hospital. Since I was already there, she did the pap smear. I was soooooo scared after hearing so many unpleasant stories. Surprisingly, it was not that bad. It was a bit uncomfortable but there was no pain, at all! She also did an ultrasound and Alhamdulillah everything looks good. I like this doctor. :)

Dr Shahbahiah also asked me about my previous pregnancy, trying to understand what happened before. She also answered all my questions and cleared some doubts I had earlier. She was soft and nice. I like her :)

After paying for the consultancy and the pap smear, I went to see the nurse again to ask for MC as there is a possibility that I have to do the X-ray in the afternoon but the doctor went to see her patients so I went to have breakfast. While having breakfast, I called Poliklinik Al-Hikmah to ask if they can do the procedure. Unfortunately the don't but they referred me to NR Screening Cerntre. Uncle Boy the X-Ray Man (I swear that was how he introduced himself) told me they don't have the ruler for Lateral Pelvimetry Screening but Daya Screening Centre (or was it clinic) in Jalan Raja Laut has it because he worked there before. As I was writing down the clinic's phone number, Kak Aida, Dr Shahbahiah's nurse came to me in the canteen and handed me a blue slip. Apparently they could do the screening there!

I went to the Radiology Centre right after that. Had to wait for a bit as there were quite a number of patients. Then they called me in and I had to do 2 X-Rays. One standing up and another one lying down. Then I had to wait again for them to print it. But then, they called me in again to do another 2 X-Rays lying down. I was told that the doctor wanted to see a few angles. And again, I had to wait for them to print it.

Once they gave me the X-ray, I brought them to Dr Shahbahiah and she assessed the X-Rays. And she told me what I was waiting to hear, by looking at the size of my pelvic bones I might be able to have a vaginal delivery. Yes! But of course it will depends on the size of the baby and it's position later on. But at least I could try for normal delivery and save the $$ to buy a nice beautiful cot :) Anyway, she told me that usually baby will engaged by the 38th week. Only 1 of 20 will only engage right before delivery. So, that could be a possibility as well.

That sums up my visit to Dr Shahbahiah. Oh, one more good news, I only had to pay RM140.85 for the whole visit. X-Ray was RM40. Pap Smear was RM50.85 and consultancy was only RM50! This is good. Good service and good value :)