Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

What we did last weekend? As both hubby and I were only available on Friday, we made sure our Friday with Adam was filled with fun :)

In the morning, we went to Hari Peladang expo at Shah Alam stadium.

Adam was excited to see the goats

Welcome to our home :p

Adam dared not touch the rabbits :p

Then, we went for lunch at Wendy's, Sunway Pyramid.

Adam buat perangai kat Sunway Pyramid

Eating fries

I never know that SP had kids' zone. Adam had fun riding the horse on the Merry Go Round. (Actually mommy had fun too :p)

Us at the Merry Go Round

Adam loves the red chair

But he's scared of Santa Claus

Then, we went for dinner at Kuala Selangor.

Adam hammering the crab :)

Us and Pak Su Hakim

After dinner, we dropped by at my BIL's house in Klang and watched Up with them.
Adam and Amirul

It was a really great day spent with great people.. We really had fun.. Wish for more great days in the future! :)


Anonymous said...

Adam, lain kali kena berani tau. Boy kena berani.

Kesian dia nampak takut sgt dgn encik santa tu :p haha

Btw, kenapa dia terbaring atas lanti tu Kam? Mesti tak dpt something ni.

mommy kam said...

adam nie, dia jenis amik calculated risk.. hahaha! very careful kalau nak buat something.. bukan mcm some boys yg robust je.. heheheh..

menjerit dia masa dia dkt santa clause tu.. hehehe.. i m not sure if it's because of the santa or sbb kaki dia tgh tersepit :p

tu adam's latest antics.. kalau dia refuse to go forward he'll let himself go from us and hen terus baring atas lantai.. my goodness seme orang tgk.. malu mommy.. huhuhuuhu..