Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let's welcome Alya Adriana!

One of my best friends, Hazila Natasha, whom I met through netball, gave birth to a pretty little princess, Alya Adriana, on 27 December 2009. A few days after she delivered, her son was admitted for a couple of days. It was a chaos for the family. Finally last Sunday after everything has settled down, she texted me saying it's OK for us to visit her.

I really love the name. Such a sweet sweet name. My hubby said he doesn't know how to address the baby coz both names are beautiful. Even the parents haven't decided yet :p

Baby Alya behaved very well. She was sleeping the whole time we were there. So we could not see her famous dimples.. Girls with dimples are very pretty aren't they..

Cepat Alya besar nanti main netball dengan Mommy Kam eh :p


mancet said...

wah kam..last time ter'met' tasha when she was 7 months preggy..say congrats to her

mommy kam said...

okeh!!! best sangat dia dah dapat sepasang.. jeles!! :p

Farah said...

sedappnye nama! dah la birth date sama ngan auntie farah hehe

mommy kam said...

ooh ye ke.. happy belated birthday farah.. tula nama sedap.. lembut je kan..

semut-terbersin said...

wah! tasha dah 2 dah? sepasang plak tu! bezznyeh!! haa by the time alya dah bleh main netball, u larat lagik ke nak main netball kem? hehe

mommy kam said...

bess kan ila.. u bila lagi.. :p hahaha.. tuela ila larat ke i nak main netball dgn alya ni nanti.. dengan x eksesaisnye ni.. heeheheh.